Gore Vidal's Essays, Interviews and Memoirs: 1963-Present.

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Gore Vidal Essays

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Gore Vidal, prevailing American superstitions, and the public critic's rhetorical obligations -- Gore Vidal's Selected Essays On Gore Vidal's essays as political actions: Without ever saying so, Vidal also manages to suggest that everything is political, though in a very different, non-postmodern sense.

Gore Vidal Essays

The Selected Essays of Gore Vidal (Vintage International.

This irresistible sampler of Gore Vidals essays presents a lifetime spent thwarting the dunces of the world with his acid-tipped pen and monumental intelligence. This collection is of more delight to those interested in his literary leanings, as excepting an essay on Egyptian dictator Nasser, the first 338 pages concern literature and authors.

Gore Vidal Essays

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The Selected Essays of Gore Vidal (2008) These are essentially the same book: The former is a paperback published in the United Kingdom, and the latter is a hardback published in the United States. The U.K. edition has 21 essay, the U.S. edition has 24.


A new collection of Gore Vidal's essays showcases five decades of literary and political criticism, with his mocking, disenchanted patriotism in all its eloquence. By George Scialabba October 8, 2008.

United States: Essays 1952-1992: Vidal, Gore.

Buy The Last Empire: Essays 1992-2001 New Edition by Vidal, Gore (ISBN: 9780349115283) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

United States: Essays 1952-1992 by Gore Vidal.

Gore Vidal was born in 1925 at the United States Military Academy at West Point. His first novel, Williwaw, written when he was nineteen years old and serving in the Army, appeared in the spring of 1946. Since then he has written twenty-three novels, five plays, many screenplays, short stories, well over two hundred essays, and a memoir.

Selected Essays of Gore Vidal by Gore Vidal: 9780307388681.

Vidal’s message is that to live fully, one must defy social pressures and choose to live a life of personal freedom. Author Ernest Hemingway greatly influenced Vidal’s writing style, as he did that.


Who Was Gore Vidal? American writer Gore Vidal is known for many popular screenplays, plays and novels, as well as other literary works. He wrote and published more than 200 essays and 24 novels.

Gore Vidal's sequence of novels that sprawl across the young American republic's two centuries plus of existenceBurr, Lincoln, 1876, Empire, Hollywood, Washington, and The Golden Agein my estimation are amongst the greatest series of historical novels ever written; and United States is surely one of the finest collections of essays by undoubtedly one of the greatest essayists that America has.


About Selected Essays of Gore Vidal Gore Vidal—novelist, playwright, critic, screenwriter, memoirist, indefatigable political commentator, and controversialist—is America’s premier man of letters.

Gore Vidal Essays

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Once upon a time a friend of mine included Gore Vidal among his list of closeted anarchists. I have held Vidal in high regard ever since, despite having read precious little from him.The Last Empire: Essays 1992-2000 is simply the one volume of his two dozen plus books of essays and non-fiction.

Gore Vidal Essays

United States: Essays 1952-1992 by Gore Vidal - Alibris UK.

Gore Vidal (1925-2012) was an American author of novels, theatrical plays, television scripts, screenplays, and essays whose career began in the years immediately following World War II and continued into the twenty-first century, until his death in 2012.

Gore Vidal Essays

Gore Vidal, Elegant Writer, Dies at 86 - The New York Times.

Gore Vidal brought together his briskly readable essays of four decades—critical, personal, and political—in United States (1993). Susan Sontag’s essays on difficult European writers, avant-garde film, politics, photography, and the language of illness embodied the probing intellectual spirit of the 1960s.

Gore Vidal Essays

Amazon.com: The Selected Essays of Gore Vidal (Vintage.

The Last Empire is Gore Vidal's ninth collection of essays in the course of his distinguished literary career. Vidal displays unparalleled range and inimitable style as he offers incisive observations about terrorism, civil liberties, the CIA, Al Gore, Tony Blair, and the Clintons, interwoven with a rich tapestry of personal anecdote, critical insight, and historical detail.

Gore Vidal Essays

The Selected Essays of Gore Vidal (Audiobook) by Gore.

The Last Empire is a collection of Gore Vidal's essays from 1992 through 2006. Vidal is a man of letters, best known for his acidic wit and his disdain for the establishment positions of American superiority and the assumption that American culture was better than that of the rest of the world.

Gore Vidal Essays

The Last Empire: Essays 1992-2000 by Gore Vidal.

Eugene Luther Gore Vidal was an American writer known for his essays, novels, screenplays, and Broadway plays. He was also known for his patrician manner, Transatlantic accent, and witty aphorisms. Vidal came from a distinguished political lineage; his grandfather was the senator Thomas Gore, and he later became a relation (through marriage) to Jacqueline Kennedy.

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