Year 4 Homework Grid Spring term What did the Romans do.

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The Romans Homework

Roman Empire - KS2 History - BBC Bitesize.

The Romans came to Britain nearly 2000 years ago and changed our country. Even today, evidence of the Romans being here, can be seen in the ruins of Roman buildings, forts, roads, and baths can be found all over Britain.. All the materials on these pages are free for homework and classroom use only.

The Romans Homework

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Romans for each letter of the alphabet. Then write a sentence about each one to explain it! Draw a picture of a famous Roman and write some facts about them Write an acrostic poem for the Create your own Roman name e.g. Lucius Antyszus Create a poster to remind children to wipe their muddy shoes before entering school. word ROMANS. Write out the.

The Romans Homework

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Romans Homework Every child has been issued with their topic homework grid for this term. It is absolutely wonderful to see all the pieces of homework returned weekly, but please ensure that all reading, spellings and maths homework is done as a priority. Many thanks for your support.


As the Romans became more powerful and took more land, the Senators started to argue how they should run the land. In 49BC a man called Julius Caesar came to Rome with his army and took power. Although he tried to make peace, the Senators thought he might become another king and not wanting that again, they killed him.

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The Romans. This term we are studying the Romans. This project involves you researching a topic and presenting it as a fact sheet or poster. Due date: Monday 11th June 2012. 1. Choose. one. of these topics to research: Roman Religion (gods and myths) Roman Sports and Leisure (gladiators, competitions) Roman Towns (e.g. houses and town planning).

Year 4 Homework Roman Invasion! Spring 2015.

KS2 History Roman Empire learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers.

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Below is our collection of Roman history teaching resources, broken down by year group to give you instant access to the resources you need to teach your students. Save hundreds of hours of time by getting instant access to our Roman empire resources that have been designed by a respected and established history teacher, Nichola Boughey.

AUTUMN TERM 2 THEME: RISE OF THE ROMANS 1) Complete at least 6 activities. 2) Give in your homework to your class teacher every time you’ve finished an activity. 3) For each activity completed you will be given 10 house points.


There were about 30 legions around the Roman Empire, three of which were based in Britain at Caerleon, Chester and York. Tombstones at Chester indicate that some men joined the legions young; two men had been only fourteen when they had joined up. A legion had commanders, officers and ordinary soldiers.

The Romans Homework

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The Romans created their own numerical system. Evaluate whether you think it is easier than our current one. Try inventing your own. I enjoy pictures The Roman Empire spread far and wide. Draw a map and show where the Romans conquered. Romans believed in many Gods and Goddesses. Explore with different mediums to create pictures of them.

The Romans Homework

Spring 2 homework pack The Romans -

The ancient city of Rome was the center of one of the largest and most powerful empires the world has ever seen. The Roman Empire was based in what is now Italy. As the Roman Empire took over more land and peoples, its influence spread throughout western Europe and into all the lands around the Mediterranean Sea. The achievements of the.

The Romans Homework

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Year 2. History: The Romans. Resource Pack. Including: The Roman Empire. The Roman Army. The Roman Invasion of Britain. Roman Towns. The Romans in Scotland. Britain after the Romans. Lesson 1. The Roman Empire. This lesson is the first in a series that introduces Year 2 children to the Romans and their impact on Britain. Children will.

The Romans Homework

Year 2 History: The Romans Resource Pack.

Scott Michael Rank, Ph.D., is the editor of History on the Net and host of the History Unplugged podcast. A historian of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey, he is a publisher of popular history, a podcaster, and online course creator.

The Romans Homework

Year 3 Lesson 1 romans homework project give before.

Year 3 Lesson 1 romans homework project give before holidays worksheets, lesson plans and other primary teaching resources.

The Romans Homework

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