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Some Examples Of Research Papers

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Sports Research Papers. See our collection of sports research paper examples. The modern concept of sport refers mainly to organized and competitive physical activities such as cricket, basketball, table tennis, golf, or soccer and excludes recreational activities such as walking or hunting.

Some Examples Of Research Papers

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There are different examples and formats of research proposals; thus; you should choose one that is most suitable for your research. However, understand that some aspects, such as the introduction, data collection, and references, are constant elements in the research proposal.

Some Examples Of Research Papers

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Research Objectives Examples. There are generally two main types of research: Quantitative Research: This type of research tries to determine the relationship between two variables through the help of mathematical and statistical data.


It is important that you address a recent issue in your paper that can be useful for other students in the same field. Here are some prompts to help you decide on a good topic for your research paper. Topics for research papers in college. The top 20 fails of science fiction movies in 2010 The revival of cinema after the Britain emperors.

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EXAMPLE PAPERS 2; Example Academic Essays and Research Papers. Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) - Medication Treatment of Children. Litarature Essay: Jim and Laura and Symbols in the Glass Menagerie. Molecular Testing and Clinical Study. Pantisocracy and Radical British Society in the 1790s. Sex Education and Culture of Violence Against Women.

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The following is a partial list of scientific journals.There are thousands of scientific journals in publication, and many more have been published at various points in the past. The list given here is far from exhaustive, only containing some of the most influential, currently publishing journals in each field.

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Research Paper Introduction Example Research papers are expanded writings that present our understanding of given topics. You have to involve and build upon all the details you know and have at some point given a thought over.


A conclusion is a small part of any essay, but a very important one. It’s not an easy task to create a nice summary for a research paper, but with some effort, it can be possible. Our article is going to break down the steps of creating a great conclusion for your research.

The relatively sparse research on food deprivation has left room for further research. First, much of the research has focused either on chronic starvation at one end of the continuum or on missing a single meal at the other end (Green et al., 1995). Second, some of the findings have been contradictory.


Before beginning your paper, you need to decide how you plan to design the study. The research design refers to the overall strategy that you choose to integrate the different components of the study in a coherent and logical way, thereby, ensuring you will effectively address the research problem; it constitutes the blueprint for the collection, measurement, and analysis of data.

Some Examples Of Research Papers

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Some of the examples of research methods are: experimental, expository, action, pure, and applied research. Also, based on the source of materials for the research and study, you may have primary research and secondary research.

Some Examples Of Research Papers

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Example Essays. Remember, you should not hand in any of these example essays as your own work, as we do not condone plagiarism! If you use any of these free example essays as source material for your own work, then remember to reference them correctly.

Some Examples Of Research Papers

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Impressive Verbs to use in your Research Paper. By Archana Choudhary, MSc, Aerospace Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Let us look at the general process to write a successful paper. You have done the research, agreed that you are going to write a paper to tell your findings, and planned your manuscript.

Some Examples Of Research Papers

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This paper was used in a doctoral course on qualitative methods as an example of an article with grounded theory as method. I think it is a very good and pedagogic example. Jakobsson, S., Horvath.

Some Examples Of Research Papers

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In cases when a librarian has confirmed that there is little or no prior research, you may be required to develop an entirely new research typology (for example, using an exploratory rather than an explanatory research design). Note again that discovering a limitation can serve as an important opportunity to identify new gaps in the literature and to describe the need for further research.

Some Examples Of Research Papers

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Free research paper examples on Paper Examples on Government. Look through the list of samples written by academic experts and get an idea for your paper.

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